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Woodstock is located in the county seat of Oxford County in southwestern Ontario. Woodstock is located 128 kilometres southwest of Toronto, along the historic Thames River. It is known as the Dairy Capital of Canada and promotes itself as "The Friendly City."

The city was first settled in 1800, when it was determined by Sir John Graves Simcoe, governor of what was then known as Upper Canada, that the area would make a good townsite. Woodstock was incorporated as a town in 1851 and a city in 1901. 

Woodstock offers a quality of life that is second to none. As the largest centre in Oxford County, Woodstock offers all of the services and amenities expected of a medium-sized Canadian city.  Woodstock also offers many unexpected surprises. History is preserved not only in Woodstock's Museum and County Courthouse, but also in downtown buildings and beautiful Victorian heritage homes.  In fact, Woodstock is the only municipality in all of Ontario to still have all of its magnificent original public buildings.

Vansittart Avenue (named after Admiral Henry Vansittart, an early settler) in Woodstock's west end has one of the finest residential Victorian streetscapes in the province.

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