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Listing Guidelines

  • Your website must have its own domain name. (Exceptions to this rule may be accepted if your website is of very high quality.)
  • You must submit your main page and not a subpage like for example
  • Websites with racist or sexist content will not be approved.
  • Websites with adult related content (personals, sexual devices, pornography)  will not be approved.
  • Websites that sell medications or drugs directly to consumers will not be approved.
  • A website that is made out of mainly categories of affiliate links on it will not be approved.
  • A website which the main content comprises promotion of products that are finally sold through another party and not by yourself will not be approved.
  • Too little (even if original) content will not be approved.
  • Websites with too many pop-ups or pop-up messages that requires an action other than to shut down the pop-up in question, will not be approved. (One pop-up is OK. Pop-ups that spawn new pop-ups are not allowed.)
  • Too many non-working links on your website can also be grounds for non-approval..
  • Complete Flash sites without an available HTML version will not be approved.
  • Websites with an automated Free-For-All links page will not be approved.

Our decision
The final decision if your website meets the requirements or not is made totally at our discretion. It may be for other reasons than the above stated. The reason for non-approval will not be made public to the applicant in question. Our decision is final and cannot be overruled according to this agreement.