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Canada Industrial Supply

 Hospital Grade Disinfectant & Germicide
SEPTeFX antimicrobial spray and wipes, clean and disinfect in one step, by killing harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi on all surfaces. Available in spray bottles or convenient, pop-up wipe containers. Economical refill pouches are available.   

Online Battery Supplier
Online supplier for replacement batteries for power tools, Camcorders, Digital Cameras, Cordless telephones.

Pressure Transducer
Leader in offering a variety of measuring and controlling instruments to Canadian industries.

Express Mobile Storage Solutions - Express Mobile Storage Solutions specializes in providing any type of mobile storage solution for mobile storage.

Commercial HVAC - Here you will find detailed information on commercial hvac heating and air conditioning.

Distribution CB - Distribution CB, votre distributeur de pièces de comptoirs réfrigérés.